Thursday, 21 November 2013

Chapter 34. In which Sarah is punished

“Port, oi! Earth to Port.”
“Hey, oh sorry Murph, I…”
“Yeah I know, miles away. So?”
“Oh yeah, right. Well she came, really hard. She likes to have her inner lips sucked after she comes so I did that until I was ordered to clean. It wasn’t any better after all that. But it wasn’t like before. It was only because of the panties. Murph, the dildo was huge, like this big.”

Sarah knew she was exaggerating but even her own memory of the night before was starting to lose its sharpness. What she had not forgotten was the unappetising taste of the housemistress’s pussy. The memory was still fresh, unlike Miss Peach’s pussy. The joke, though only in her mind, did her no credit and Sarah chastised herself for the egregious lapse of respect.

It was the first chance she’d had to really chat with her friends and they had been curious about why she had been gone so long. It hadn’t seemed like such a long time to her, but she had been with Miss Peach for almost an hour. The housemistress had come four times, impressing the schoolgirl with her stamina.

Sarah could still feel the tiny ache in her jaw from the constant motion, but a good night’s sleep had eased most of the discomfort. She was glad the Sunday breakfast did not deviate from the expected, the warm porridge requiring only the smallest amount of chewing.

“Was it really so bad?”
“It wasn’t really Mitch, it was just… I mean it wasn’t nice but that doesn’t matter. I had-“
“Yeah but, how bad was it, like, worse than your detention dinners?”
“No it wasn’t really anything like that, those things were disgusting. Trust me, when you get in detention, do everything exactly. You do not want to miss dinner,” Sarah said with a theatrical shudder.

Her friends laughed, though the underlying seriousness of the advice was not lost on either girl. In Sarah’s absence, Taylor had somehow attached herself to their group, but she was shy and had remained silent throughout the conversation. She had smiled, but seemed really nervous and Sarah was eager to put her at ease.

“It wasn’t so bad,” Sarah said seriously, “but you know, I’d like to do it again.”
“Why?” Murphy blurted. “I mean apart from serving a superior and all that,” the pretty teen added, realising her mistake.
“To get better, Murph. Everything is gonna make me a better slut. I mean eating a yummy pussy like yours is easy, I could do that all day,” Sarah said, smiling even as she blushed, “but the easy stuff isn’t going to make us better.”
“Speaking of all day, anyone know what we’re supposed to do on Sunday?” Mitchell asked, her hand gently stroking Sarah’s leg. She hadn’t left Sarah’s side since their return from breakfast and the contact was a comfort to both girls.
“Nope, the only thing I could find in our manuals was something-“

All four girls sprang to attention but none felt the concern that sent Sarah’s heart racing. She knew why her handler was here. She knew where she would be led and what the day held in store. Of course she didn’t really know. She was to be taken downstairs and there she would receive her punishment session but that was the extent of her precognition. The headmistress would be waiting for her and she would spend the entire day receiving what she had earned.

Miss Harper stood in the doorway, leash dangling casually from her right hand. Sarah knew it was an important tool for keeping a slut in her place, but she didn’t relish the leash being used upon her. She had been the first girl to receive one and she knew this reflected badly upon her. It was yet another entry in her record to displease her owner.

She needed to do well today. She knew she couldn’t wipe clean any of her transgressions but if she behaved and completed the session without incident it would be at least a tiny step towards redemption.

Sarah wished she had been able to say goodbye to her friends, and receive their heartfelt encouragement, but the leash was clipped to her collar and she was led from the lounge without another word. She followed Miss Harper down the stairs, careful to remain in her rightful position. Sarah wanted, with every step, to speak to her handler, to gauge her attitude. She would just feel so much better going into this session if she knew Miss Harper wasn’t mad at her.

As they approached her holding cell, Sarah was almost convinced that she would be deposited there, left in the darkness to await her fate. She would much rather go straight to the room and get it over with once and for all. She disliked the tiny cell and its stygian confines.

The nervous schoolgirl let out a tiny sigh of relief when they passed the door to her cell but when they passed room 17, she began to worry once more. She had assumed yet again, a dangerous habit that she needed to break. The door to room 19 was open and it was to this that she was led.

Sarah docilely followed her handler but her mind was a whirl. She was unable to focus on a single thought, the chaotic images of her past detentions haunting her with possibility.


Sarah watched her handler leave the room, bewildered by the turn of events. Her leash was still attached, the long chain left to hang from her collar. Miss Harper had placed her in the centre of the room and left without a backwards glance.

Sarah’s stomach churned, not only at the thought of what was to come, but with the certain knowledge that her handler was displeased with her. It didn’t take a genius to be able to read the older girl’s body language. She hadn’t done anything specifically wrong, she didn’t think, so it had to be something else. Was it simply that her slut had earned a punishment session? She knew her behaviour reflected upon her handler and she was profoundly sorry.

Minutes passed and Sarah did her best to remain in position. She had been left facing the open doorway and even though she would be happy if she never knew, she was intensely curious about the contents of the room. She had glimpsed some strange contraptions of metal and wood but had not been able to make sense of any of them.


Sarah jumped, squealing in fright at the unexpected command. It had come from behind her, from a room she had been certain was empty. It was not only the suddenness of its appearance, or its location that sent her heart racing, it was the fact that the voice was that of a gentleman. She had expected the headmistress. With that kind of lazy thinking, no wonder she found herself here, she scolded, the thought piercing her sudden spike of panic.

Sarah sprang into motion, unclipping her tie and, when no further orders were forthcoming, she placed it carefully upon the floor at her side. The anxious schoolgirl continued removing her uniform, keenly aware of the male presence in the room. She moved sensually, eager to please, and was soon completely naked.

The wooden boards beneath her feet were cool and she thought it was strange that it was this that she focused upon above all else. Often during lessons, the command to undress would leave her in shoes and socks but she knew this was to be different. She had taken her cue from her detentions and now wore nothing but her collar and leash.

“Stop. A slut does not remove any form of restraint without specific permission.”

Sarah had frozen in mid-action, frightened by the explosive bellow. Some part of her had known she was doing the wrong thing and she could have slapped herself for continuing. Her arms had flown behind her back as if, by removing them from the scene her actions, her lapse could somehow be forgotten.

“What is your name?”
“Porter, Sir, 97817402.”
“First name, Porter 97817402.”
“Sarah, Sir.”
“Well Sarah, you are here because you lack discipline. You are not here to learn any lessons, you are to be punished for your lack of discipline. No infractions will be given in this room. Disobedience here will be dealt with swiftly. You will be released in ten hours, your term will not be extended and there will be no repercussions beyond this release. Do you understand the terms of your session?”
“Yes, Sir,” Sarah said meekly.
“Right then.”

Sarah stiffened as her right arm was pulled out behind her, but she quickly relaxed, allowing her body to be manipulated, hoping the indiscretion had not been noticed. A few seconds later her hand was encased in a leather mitten. Her fingers were still straight and she was able to flex them within the tight confines but she knew that while she wore the mitten her hands would be useless.

Her left hand soon wore a similar device. Sarah could feel the cool loops of metal resting upon her buttocks and instinctively knew that each mitten terminated in a ring that would be used to restrain her further. She stood completely immobile while she listened to the soft sounds of preparation behind her.

Sarah’s mouth opened wide to receive the gag that was offered. It was a wide strip of leather that would cover the lower half of her face and jaw but what concerned her right now was the large rubber cock that slid inside her mouth. It pressed her tongue down and pushed almost to the back of her throat.

Sarah balked once before accepting the intruder. It was large, though nowhere near the size of her dildo, but it had been designed to sit inside her for long periods and it took her less than a minute to become comfortable with her mouth being filled in such a way. She knew it was what her body wanted, what every slut wanted, and she tried hard to make that true. She pushed aside the discomfort and tried instead to focus on the contentment she felt from having one of her holes filled.

“Sarah, come.” The obedient teen turned to follow his voice, hurrying eagerly to the back of the room. “Hands and knees.”

The docile schoolgirl quickly sank to the floor where the gentleman had pointed. She knelt between two thick wooden posts, her buttocks almost touching a metal pole that rose from the floor behind them. It felt odd, resting her hands upon the floor but able only to feel the smooth interior of her leather mittens and Sarah strove to keep her eyes forward and resist the temptation to peek.

Thick leather cuffs were tightened around her ankles, a tiny padlock securing each one. She was determined to comply with every command of the gentleman, spoken and unspoken. A gentleman was her ultimate superior, more important even than her teachers. Sluts were designed to serve gentlemen, it was the natural order and a strange thrill surged into Sarah’s chest when she thought of her proximity to such authority.

She was here for punishment, that could not be forgotten, but still, it was a chance to serve. She gasped, but remained silent, as her left ankle was raised, forcing all her weight upon her knee. Her ankle was pulled towards her thigh and clipped to a metal ring on the side of the pole, securing her leg in an acute V.

Her other ankle followed and she keenly felt the hard wooden boards beneath her knees. It was immediately uncomfortable and she tried to shift her weight without moving but nothing eased the ache that was slowly growing.

Sarah jumped when she felt something at her sex but she quickly regained her composure and breathed slowly in through her nose. She knew a moment later that it was a dildo that pressed against her vulva and she tilted back to greet it, the movement barely perceptible.

“That’s right, little slut, back you come.”

Sarah did as she was told, pushing her hips back and impaling herself upon the hard, plastic cock. She moaned softly as it thrust past her lips and entered her moistness. She kept pushing as far as she could, her progress soon restricted by the position in which she had been placed. Her hips could move no further, halted by the way her legs had been secured to the thick posts on either side.

With a shocked gasp, Sarah felt the dildo push further inside her, this time though it was not of her doing. She could feel the cool metal of the pole between her buttocks and knew the dildo had now been fixed in place, and she now knelt with its full length inside her.

The dildo was similar to her own, that she could tell from the fullness she felt. She enjoyed the sensation, despite the hollow sense of dread that was twisting in her belly. She was proud that the dildo had slid inside her with hardly any resistance. She had been wet, as a slut should, and it had saved her from a painful entry.

The gentleman stepped in front of the kneeling girl and knelt down to secure her mittens to a metal plate on the floor. Her hands were dragged together to sit directly below her chest. The awkward position meant that she could not hope to ease the pressure upon her knees.

Sarah liked it when the gentleman spoke, issuing her with orders that she was eager to obey, but these had been few and far between. He mostly worked in silence, preparing her for the first part of her punishment session and the naked schoolgirl had no choice but to acquiesce. Her hair was pulled into a tight bundle on top of her head, tied with a rope and secured to the ceiling above.

She was forced to keep her head high, facing forward and she was glad, as it made it easier to keep her eyes focused. The constant temptation to look around, to discover what was to come next, was a frustration she did not need. Curiosity was unbecoming of a slut, she accepted what was to come, knowledge was not required.


It took a moment for the simple command to register, but Sarah quickly threw herself into the task. Her body rocked forward, as much as she could within her restraints, and she immediately began to feel the effects through every part of her.

The pain in her knees increased and was soon joined by a tight ache in her thighs. Her neck strained each time she pressed forward and her shoulders throbbed as she pulled herself off the dildo. The aches and pains were offset by the surge of pleasure that filled her entire body each time she thrust herself back upon the plastic cock, filling her young pussy to near fullness.


Sarah was tempted to finish the motion but stopped in mid-thrust, her training overcoming her desire. She tensed as the gentleman knelt beside her once more, a shiver running through her at the metallic tinkle that echoed throughout the room. She knew that sound only too well.

She couldn’t see what he was doing but her educated guess was confirmed an instant later. Sarah squealed into her gag as a clamp was closed over her left nipple, the hard metal cruelly mashing the tender flesh between the blunt teeth. Sarah grunted as it was released, the weight of the clamp and the large bell pulling her nipple towards the floor.

She knew how important symmetry was and her face twisted in anticipation of the pain that would soon be spiking into her right breast. She knew it was coming but still she could not prevent the yelp of shock as the clamp was closed.

“Fuck. Silence will attract correction.”

Sarah resumed her steady fucking, each movement now accompanied by the metallic music of the bells that hung from her breasts. The obedient schoolgirl rocked her hips, the pleasure she received from her actions almost forgotten amidst the sharp, stinging pain that coursed through the tender flesh at the tip of each breast. She breathed hard through her nose, each exhalation an audible rush of air that she felt was too loud.

She knew she was still wet, and she felt her lust pulse through her pussy, but there was no way she would ever come from this. Her entire body ached and yet… there it was, the familiar contentment, the wave of warmth that flooded her body, moving up her belly and chest, causing her cheeks to blaze with the heat of her desire.

Sarah’s tongue undulated beneath the thick penis-gag, her body doing its best to milk the rubber cock. She did it without thought, her focus on other things. She could not relinquish her hold on the pain that filled her chest, the sensation clawing at her mind. Nothing she did would dislodge it, not thoughts of the pleasure she felt, nor of her training.

This was punishment and it was why she was here. The pleasure a slut felt was always for her superiors, it was a background sensation and for the first time Sarah understood how pain could put her pleasure in its place.

She needed to learn other methods, and her training would give her such knowledge, but it was a valuable lesson for the young girl. She knew she wasn’t here to learn, not this time, but she was glad that she had. A slut must always strive to be better.

Sarah suddenly realised she had begun to slow down, the strident jangling of the bells had become softer and rang less often. She grit her teeth around the thick gag in her mouth and immediately pushed herself with full force back upon the dildo. The bells bounced, jarring the clamps upon her nipples and she squealed into the gag as agony surged into her chest.

She didn’t know where the gentleman had gone but she knew he was still here somewhere, scrutinising her every move. She didn’t know how close she had been to receiving correction but she knew it could not have been far away. She was here for punishment but still she needed to keep any disobedience to a minimum. She knew she wasn’t well enough trained yet to be able to avoid a lapse entirely but she had to keep trying, she had to keep hoping that she could be a good enough, to be what everyone wanted her to be.

Sarah closed her eyes but quickly reopened them, realising her lack of discipline. She refocused her vision on the brick wall on the far side of the room, trying to find the small discoloured stone that she had decided would be her SP. She smiled inwardly at her little acronym. It was funny, but abbreviating her slut point always helped her to find the point of focus she had chosen.

Even after all she had been through, all the training she had undergone, the detentions and the stringent rules of the school, keeping her eyes forward was still one of the hardest things to do. She kind of understood why it was so important, but sometimes, like now, she struggled to collocate that understanding with the reality of her new life.


Sarah obeyed, instantly halting her progress. She was fully impaled on the dildo, the cool metal of the  pole pressing against the inner curve of her buttocks. The bells continued to swing on their short chains, the momentum of her fucking dissipating slowly.

The young girl yelped in pain as a second set of clamps were attached to her breasts, the dull metal teeth closing viciously upon the soft meat just behind her nipple. The moment they were released, Sarah felt the weight pull her breast toward the floor.


Sarah gasped, the first small rocking motion sending the new additions swaying beneath her. More bells had been added, one to each breast, but the tone was much deeper and from the urgent tug upon the tender bud in the centre of each breast, she knew they were larger and heavier. If she looked down, just for a second, she would see what had been attached to her body.

She knew it was wrong and she was glad of the restraining rope that held her head high, despite the uncomfortable stress it put upon her scalp. She knew she would have looked, the knowledge of her weakness making her cringe through the gag.

The pain in her breasts had increased and as much as she wished for it to end, she was glad of it. The constant, steady rhythm of her fucking was taking its toll. The growing discomfort of the strict bondage would not have been enough, she knew.

The feeling of the dildo so thick and deep inside her was incredible. She knew it wasn’t real but she couldn’t help daydreaming, wondering what a real cock would feel like, how different it would be. The thought sent a thrill through her and she heard the bells jingle as she shivered within her restraints.

She needed to stop. Thinking of a gentleman’s cock had almost brought her to orgasm. Sarah bit down on the gag, determined to find a distraction that would help her be a good girl. She needed to be the best slut she could possibly be.

She had set a record for the quickest punishment session earned by a student and she desperately needed to redeem herself. Her permanent record now held such a shameful failure and it was there for all to see. Had her owner seen it already? The thought sobered her quickly, the prospect of her orgasm fading just a little.

It was enough. She used the respite to focus on the pain that was throbbing in her chest. The heavy bells dragged at the clamps that pulled cruelly at the delicate pink tip of each breast. The constant movement didn’t give the stricken schoolgirl a second’s relief. The metal bit agonisingly into her nipples and there was nothing she could do but continue to fuck herself upon the dildo.

Sarah lost track of time, the monotonous motion lulling the young girl into acceptance of the waves of pain and pleasure that washed over her, the sensations confusing her fragile mind. She was determined to focus on nothing in particular, wanting whatever was happening to play itself out without her input but the fullness of her pussy would not allow the determined schoolgirl to have her way.

She was close to coming once again and Sarah marvelled what her body could accomplish even through the haze of pain that had settled upon her. She had never felt anything like this before. Her cunt was full, as it needed to be, as she yearned for it to be. She was a good slut and her holes needed to be filled.

Sarah coaxed thoughts of her owner, and his certain displeasure, to push away the rising ecstasy that threatened to destroy her at any moment. She had all but forgotten the gentleman and her body jerked in fright when he spoke. Her hands slipped from their awkward position and a sudden spike of agony shot through her scalp.

“Right then little slut, I think I’ve heard enough.”

Without warning, he bent down and removed all four clamps in quick succession. Sarah writhed uncontrollably, pulling at the restraints that held her in place. The dildo bumped painfully inside her pussy, her pleasure now turned all to pain. The air blasted from her lungs, exploding around the gag in a muted scream as she tried desperately to deal with the sudden agony that sliced through her.

“You were not told to stop fucking.”

Sarah hurriedly began rocking once more, mortified at the necessary correction. She quickly slipped back into the steady rhythm she had established, trying her best to ignore the pain that radiated from each nipple, the agony throbbing through her chest as the blood rushed back into the cruelly pinched flesh.

She was glad the clamps were gone, but it was always worse once they were removed. The pain was excruciating and would not allow itself to be ignored. Sarah found herself thinking of nothing else and missed the sudden easing of the tension upon her face.

The leather strap that covered her jaw slid away from her skin and she gasped hungrily, filling her lungs easily for the first time since she had been placed in this position. Her mouth opened wide to allow the gag to slide out and she saw the long string of thick saliva that stretched from its tip to her parted lips. From the corner of her eye she saw it break and heard the jangle of the harness as the gag was thrown to one side. She said nothing, knowing it was not her place. She wanted to express her thanks but she knew it was inappropriate. The gag had not been removed for her comfort and she had not been given permission to speak.

The gentleman disappeared behind her and Sarah couldn’t help but wonder what was to happen next. She smiled as she thought about her irrepressible curiosity. She was sure that it would be the very last part of her she would be able to control. Her training would stop her from looking, she knew she would soon be a good enough slut to resist the temptation at all times, but she didn’t think she could ever stop herself from wanting to indulge.

Her chest constricted in fear when she heard the dull, clunk of the heavy bells. Her jaw tightened in anticipation and fresh tears spilled onto her cheeks as she waited for the agony to return. She had received such a brief reprieve, her nipples still burning with a desperate ache from the clamps removal only moments before.

The naked schoolgirl yelped in pain when the vicious clamps closed over her tender buds once more. She had longed for the delicate flesh to be touched, but this was not the touch she had sought. She had dreamed of a gentle massage to help her deal with the sudden rush of blood into the sensitive tips, to assuage the painful dents the hard teeth of the clamps had left upon her skin. It was a foolish dream.

As each clamp was closed, the bell was dropped unceremoniously. The sudden bounce of the new weight caused the bound girl to squeal. Sarah’s breathing was fast and shallow, her stomach pulled back close to her spine, as she tried to stay still and quiet and deal with the pain in her breasts. Her eyes glazed and her jaw tensed with the effort to comply with the rules that bound her life.

Sarah couldn't help jerking within her bonds when she felt the cold touch of metal at her asshole. The gentleman ignored her, pressing the instrument against the tight hole with a slow, insistent pressure. The metal hook was no thicker than his finger but the tip that he was pushing against the young girl's sphincter ended in a shiny metal ball the size of a large marble.

Sarah moaned at the pressure against her tight hole. She was unsure what was happening but she knew she had to allow the intruder inside. Any resistance would be deserving of punishment. She tried, but felt the ring of muscle tighten against her will. Sarah cringed at the soft sound of disapproval. Two small tears spilled down her cheeks and the young girl accepted her continuing failure. No wonder she was here, ill-disciplined cunt that she was.

"Open. You can clench all you like but this is going in. A slut's holes must always be made available. Open. Push back against it, better. Keep doing that. Don't you- Oop, there you go again. Well then."

Sarah's entire body tensed as the pressure at her asshole eased. She had tried not to, she really had. She had been pushing back against the metal intruder but it had happened again. She wasn't doing it. Her asshole seemed to have a mind of its own. She was trying to open it, to be a good slut, but she hadn't any practice. They hadn't gone over this in class yet. She knew that was no excuse for disobedience, but still.

The room was suddenly filled with the musical tinkling of bells and the muted scream of a schoolgirl in pain. Sarah bounced forward, her body forced against her restraints by the solid blow to her bottom. Her buttocks flattened momentarily before bouncing back into shape, a thick red band appearing instantly upon the soft, white flesh.

The blow was quick and sharp but the pain continued to throb through her bottom long after the strike from the thick strap had landed. She wanted to stay quiet, to show the gentleman that she knew she deserved the stroke, but she could not help the low, plaintive moans from deep in her throat.

"You will earn another with each display of rudeness. If this is all we do for the entire session then so be it."

Sarah wanted to tell him that she would be good. She wanted to plead with him, to explain she would obey, but the dutiful schoolgirl remained silent, aware that such pleading was the sign of a disobedient slut. She forced herself into silence, knowing what it would cost her. Pain always seemed just a little easier to deal with if she could externalise even a little bit, but a slut was best seen and not heard. It was unseemly to whimper like a little baby from a punishment so deserved.

The pressure was back at her anus a moment later and Sarah focused on her task with a single-minded fervour she could never have mustered before enrolling at Harkwood. She pushed back against the smooth, metal ball and felt herself open in response. She could feel the hard sphere slipping past her sphincter and...

Nooo, Sarah moaned silently. She hadn't meant- She jerked forward once more, the powerful strike of the strap jolting her entire body. Her breasts bounced, the clamps biting tightly at their tips as the heavy bells were sent swaying once more. The scream died in her throat, her desire to please greater than her need to alleviate the pain that was nothing she did not deserve.

"And again."

Sarah sobbed openly, no longer able to keep her emotions at bay. She felt his disappointment as a physical pain, not as intense as that from the strap or as sharp as the bite of the clamps, but one that affected her deeply, resonating to her very core. She couldn't do it again. She had to obey. She had to have her ass penetrated this time. She still didn't know what was being forced inside her but that didn't matter. All she had to do was open her owner's hole. It was such a simple thing.

This time she was ready for it. She relaxed as best she could, thinking only of the pressure at her asshole. She pushed back and felt an instant result. The tight muscle was opening, stretching to accommodate the ball. She needed to keep this up, to keep her anus relaxed and available. She had no idea how long it would take for whatever it was to enter her but she could do this. She had to do this.

The pressure was beginning to be painful and Sarah pushed herself to stay relaxed. She hadn't begun her anal training and this was the largest object she had ever had in her ass. She didn't know if she could keep this up for much longer. She could feel her resolve begin to falter, she couldn't-

Sarah grunted, gasping with pain as the thick metal ball slipped past the tight ring of muscle. Her anus closed tightly around the smaller shaft of the hook, offering no resistance as it was slid further inside her. The bound teen could feel the ball slide along the shaft of the dildo in her pussy and knew exactly when it had penetrated more deeply, the large ball popping past the thick head of the dildo as if they were in the same hole.

Sarah did her best close her sphincter around the smooth intruder even though she couldn’t help but wish it gone. The rope securing her head in its upright position was released and the young girl sighed as the strain upon her neck eased. She tried to stop her head from dropping as much as she could but some loss of height was beyond her control.

She was allowed only a moment’s relief before the rope was pulled backwards, stretching her neck once more. Sarah couldn’t help but squeal when the probe in her ass was pulled deeper. She felt the cool metal rest between her buttocks and tried to visualise just what had been forced inside her bottom.

A sudden strain upon both ends allowed realisation to dawn upon the bewildered schoolgirl. It wasn’t a dildo that had been thrust inside her ass, it was some kind of metal hook and it was clearly attached to the rope that secured her hair into a strict ponytail. Another tug caused another squeal. Her head pulled painfully backwards and the hook forced its way ever deeper.

“Fuck until I’m ready.”

Sarah paused, contemplating just what it would feel like to fuck the dildo while this large hook distended her tiny asshole. It felt like it was easily as big as the fake cock that was trapped inside her pussy. She chastised herself for being so silly. There was no use in wondering what it would feel like, she had been given an order and she was about to have her questions answered.

Sarah moved tentatively forward, moving her whole body to prevent the rope joining her hair to the ass-hook from pulling any more painfully at her neck. She no longer knew exactly what to focus on, the confusion of pain making it hard for her brain to process just what was happening.

She was tilting her body slowly, gently forcing herself upon the dildo. Sarah knew she was fucking too slowly and not filling her pussy properly, but she couldn’t force herself to move any faster. Each movement sent a spike of pain through her tethered body. The only way she could escape the pain was to remain perfectly still and that was an option no longer open to her. She had been given an order, choice was a luxury that was no longer part of her life.

The strained teen’s eyes flicked momentarily to the left, unable to prevent the breach of discipline, when she sensed her superior return. Sarah squealed as her breasts were once again caught in the sharp bite of the metal clamps. She had just resigned herself to the presence of the clamps when her nipples were pulled once more towards the floor.

This time there was no jingle of tiny bells. This time the pressure was insistent, the tender tip of each breast pulled viciously away from her chest. Sarah bent slightly at the elbows, easing the tension upon her nipples ever so slightly. The relief was enough and she was able to think clearly about the position she found herself in.

The young girl knew that the clamps had been secured to the ring in the floor shared by her cuffs. She had been unable to view anything that had happened beneath her but she was confident it was the case. Her elbows bent a little more and her body lower a fraction of an inch, the pressure easing again.

“Straight, Sarah.”

Reluctantly, but never pausing in her obedience, the schoolgirl straightened her arms, pushing her body away from the floor. She grit her teeth against the surge of pain in her breasts but closing her mouth only caused her neck to hurt and she quickly opened once more to relieve at least one tiny source contributing to the suite of pain that she felt.

A low, primal grunt filled the room and Sarah was surprised such a noise came from her own mouth. Two separate spears of agony thrust into her from ass and scalp to meet somewhere deep in her belly. The rope that tied her hair to the metal hook had been tugged towards the ceiling, forcing her to keep her back straight and her body high off the ground.

Sarah knew she was the source of this pain. If she had not been weak and tried to cheat it might never have been needed. It had been an instinctive reaction, she knew she could reduce the pain she felt and her body had responded. She had known what she was doing though, to deny that would only be lying to herself. A slut must be honest at all times, she had to remember that.

“Right then, Sarah.”

The schoolgirl’s chest tightened with the anticipation at the gentleman’s words. She was being prepared for something and she was finally ready. Her body ached with agony both sharp and dull, the chaos of sensation making it almost impossible to identify the true source of any one pain, but everything was forgotten as the gentleman came into view.

He stood before her naked, power radiating from his muscled torso. His stomach was flat and tight, the ridges of muscle playing deliciously beneath his tanned skin. As enticing as the sight was, Sarah’s eyes focused lower.

The gentleman’s cock was long and hard, the thick shaft standing out from his body. The dark-pink member was almost as thick as her dildo, the smooth head contrasting with the ridged shaft that terminated in a thick tangle of brown curls. It was beautiful.

Sarah was mesmerised, unable to take her eyes from the bobbing shaft as the gentleman lowered himself to his knees. The cock now sat mere inches from her face and the young girl’s mouth opened wider to receive it.

Sarah’s tongue ran across her teeth, darting nervously as she waited for her mouth to be filled. She knew she could move forward and wrap her lips around the cock, but she had no permission to do such a thing. She saw the small glistening drop of moisture burgeoning from the tiny slit at the tip and yearned to taste it.

“Come, Sarah.”

The trembling schoolgirl needed no further encouragement. She pushed herself forward, the motion sending sharp spikes of pain through her entire body. No part of her was spared and she stopped short, her lips still an inch from their goal.

Sarah bit back a scream and pushed herself forward. Tears welled in her eyes as the clamps tugged viciously upon her nipples, the pain rivalled by that in her head and ass. Even her knees ached with the added pressure, the severe position in which she was bound making it impossible for the young girl to receive any respite.

Her lips closed around the head of the cock. She flattened her tongue across the tip, savouring the salty moisture that was every slut’s reward. She tried to ignore the pain that wracked her young body and focus instead upon the delight she had been allowed, but she could not. She was barely able to remain where she was, working the head of the cock as she had been taught.

She was rescued further failure as the gentleman thrust forward, burying his cock in teenager’s eager mouth. It was too much too soon and Sarah pulled back from the sudden onslaught. She had barely moved before she was brought up short, the dildo impaling her to the full. The metal pole bumped against her tailbone and she could retreat no further.

Kenneth pursued her, pushing forward, not allowing the young girl her escape. She was barely trained and he had expected such a lack of discipline but inexperience would not procure leniency. He had read her file and knew her promise. The fact that she was here, in his domain, was his only consideration.

Sarah’s eyes bulged as the cock was forced down her throat. This was something much different than her training. She had done well in class, matched only by Mitchell, but that had been of her choice, she had forced herself upon the long dildo, here she was being used, choice was something of the past.

Her hands were cuffed and useless, fingers scrabbling futilely within their leather confines. The clamps pulled her breasts away from her body, tugging the soft flesh into tight cones of agony. She was unable to move her head without sending fresh surges of pain into her asshole. She was trapped and could do nothing but try and accommodate the thick cock as it sawed rhythmically into her mouth.

The cock thrust deep inside her, sliding down her throat, further than anything had been before. Sarah gagged as the muscles in her throat rebelled but there was nothing she could do. She no longer had control of any part of her body and she could not escape the deep intrusion into any of her holes.

Her chest heaved, fighting for air. Her feet kicked feebly, the short chains rattling as she tried to break free of her bondage. Just when she thought she could take no more, the cock was pulled from her airway, allowing her throat to close and draw in a single, gasping breath.

All technique had been forgotten as the cock was thrust into her throat once more. She balked and tried desperately to expel the invader but her young body was no match for the strength of the man and the restriction of her restraints.

Again and again the cock filled her mouth and throat. Tears were spilling down her cheeks but there was nothing she could do but submit to the throatfucking. Each time the thick shaft was eased from her throat, long strings of ropey saliva followed, the frothy mass soon dripping to the floor in a bubbly white mess.

Even through the rough fucking she was not entirely able to forget her other holes. Her pussy was completely filled by the dildo. She could feel the hook in her ass press against the thick shaft in her cunt and marvelled at the pleasure she could still feel from such a sensation.

She was fighting for air, allowed only the briefest of breaths and she could still feel her lust rising, the familiar tingling warmth radiating from her pussy. It was a background sensation but still it was there, never letting her forget what she was.

After what felt like an hour, the cock was pulled from her mouth, leaving the petite teen gasping frantically. Each heaving breath sent new shocks of pain through her breasts. The tension of the clamps increased but a little with each breath but the pain was excruciating.

Sarah spat out a mouthful of ropey saliva and was able to take one full breath, before the cock was thrust inside her once more. She opened as best she could but she still was not skilled enough to accept the cock into her throat. She gagged constantly, gasping manically at each opportunity she was allowed.

The cock was not removed from her mouth again, instead fucking her with a steady rhythm, forcing its length all the way down her throat every few pumps. Her nose pressed against the gentleman’s stomach and she could feel the hard, powerful muscles. The salty scent of his sweat filled her nostrils as they were buried in his damp pubic hair.

After each deep thrust, he would pull back, his cock almost leaving Sarah’s mouth, but each time the head was about to pass her lips, it slid back inside with as much force as ever. Sarah waited expectantly each time, begging for just a moment’s relief. She could remember how it felt when the cock had left her briefly and she longed for that again, for the chance to take a deep breath and truly fill her burning lungs.

The constant, rough fucking had reduced the stricken teen to her most primal instincts. She wasn’t thinking about pleasing a superior or being a good slut. Sarah could think of nothing other than taking a long, deep breath of sweet, cool air.

The muscles of her stomach began to ache, the sensation almost lost amid the myriad pains that struck at her tortured young body. She gagged yet again, her entire body tensing as it fought to dislodge the thick shaft that restricted her throat.

Sarah’s hands tore at her cuffs, trying desperately to reach up and push her superior away. She would have turned pale if she had realised what she was trying to do, but her focus was elsewhere and her poor behaviour went unnoticed.

Sarah thrashed in her restraints, fighting for air and felt strong hands tighten around her head and keep her still. Bright stars of yellow and red began to burst in her vision, all but obscuring the tight, tan body of her superior. It was only as her sight began to narrow that the cock was slipped from her mouth.

Sarah gasped and heaved as she choked on the air she drew desperately into her lungs. She wheezed and coughed, saliva exploding onto the floor below. The quivering schoolgirl sucked in breath after precious breath, stomach still convulsing as it tried to expel its contents and she fought equally as hard to deny it.

Throughout her ordeal it had been the one thing that she had dreaded. She didn’t know what the punishment would be for such a disgusting lack of discipline but the possibilities left her pale and terrified.

“Suck now, Sarah. You are not to swallow my cum. You are not here to be rewarded.”

She hadn’t been able to calm her breathing but she no longer felt as if she would pass out. She had been allowed three or four unimpeded, gasping breaths and she felt much better. Her throat ached, her neck ached, her lips ached, her entire body ached, but now she had to focus.

The gentleman had simply used her before, fucking her mouth as just another hole, but now it was up to her training. She was to make him come and she needed to do her best. Her brain still wasn’t working all that well but she would have to trust to her training and her natural instinct for service.

Sarah opened her mouth and strained forward as far as her restraints would allow. The glistening cock was still frustratingly out of reach. The slick, pink head bobbed only an inch away. She could feel the heat of it upon her lips and she strained forward, stretching her neck in a desperate effort to follow orders.

"They told me you were a slut that needed incentive. Let's see what we can do."

Sarah groaned softly as the thick cock moved further from her, quickly disappearing from view as the gentleman moved behind her. Tears sprang into her eyes at her failure. She had tried so hard. She could still feel the pressure in her neck from her straining. She had wanted the cock so badly. She had never wanted anything so much in her life but there was nothing she could have...

The distressed schoolgirl choked back a sob as she realised there had been something she could have done. The cock had been so close, if she had stuck her tongue out as far as she could she knew she could have reached the very tip of the hard shaft. She could have felt the tiny slit that was so precious to her, being the place from which issued the cum that she desired above all. She was a useless slut and she deserved whatever punishment she had coming.

Sarah blinked away the tears when she heard him return. She had kept her eyes open and to the front as she had been taught. At least she could do something right. It might be the very minimum that was required, something even the most useless and stupid of sluts could manage, but it was something.

"Forward, don't worry you won't be able to empty that cunt completely."

Sarah slid forward as far as she could go, moaning at the extra pressure it placed upon her body. She imagined she could feel every single teeth of the clamps biting at the tender flesh of her nipples. She only managed to move forward a couple of inches before it became too much. The moment her progress halted, Kenneth leaned in.

Sarah exploded, her entire body convulsing in her restraints. She thrashed frantically for a moment before forcing herself still, knowing she was only hurting herself more by moving. She knew that pain, the familiar sting of electricity, but she had been wholly unprepared to receive the shock. She could still feel the incredible spike of agony, but, as always, it had begun to fade almost immediately.

Drool was pushed from her mouth by her flickering tongue as she worked quickly to get back into position, the impetus for which was not obedience but a simple wish to alleviate the pain. That single, simple shock, and the ill-disciplined thrashing it had induced, caused every part of her body to pulse with agony.

"Are you ready to do as you are told now, Sarah?"
"Yes, Sir," the pained schoolgirl replied quickly.
"Well then," he said, kneeling in front of her.

Sarah's tongue darted forward, the simple action not as easy as she had thought. The tight angle at which her neck was held back made any movement of her head difficult. She pulled against her restraints, tugging the hook in her ass even deeper. It was such a tiny movement but Sarah almost smiled in triumph. Her tongue flicked from side to side, her frantic motion bringing her the reward she desired.

The very tip of her tongue glanced across the soft end of the cock. That is what she should have done the first time, it was not a mistake she would make again. It was these oversights, the lack of commitment that were the reason she was here, experiencing a punishment session in the very first week of term. She was the first slut to have earned such an accolade and the shame of her failure hit her will full force.

Sarah ignored the emotion, burying it beneath the sense of duty that she felt almost as keenly.  Kenneth inched forward, allowing the young girl increased access to his cock. She greedily took the thick tip into her mouth and immediately set her tongue to work. The head of his cock was wonderfully soft but she could feel the delicious hardness of the shaft just below.

She had learnt what to do in this situation, finally there was something she had trained for. Sarah worked incessantly, with a manic fervour fuelled by her own rising desire. Pain spiked through her scalp and up into her ass as she moved her head forward, desperate for just an inch more of the wonderfully warm cock.

Sarah's eyes flicked up at the sudden, sharp whistle. She quickly realised her mistake and sent them back to the cock, staring along the length of the shaft, doing her best to commit each vein and ridge to memory. It was important for a slut to learn to recognise a superior by not only the sight of his cock, but by the smell and taste as well.

The panting schoolgirl sensed a movement to her left but refused to repeat her earlier mistake. A shape, dark and blurry took form beside her and even though she could not make out any real details, her vision dominated by the thick cock protruding from her mouth, she knew that it was Rascal that knelt with her.

Sarah tried not to let her mind wander, tried to keep her focus on her technique, working tirelessly on the gift she had been allowed. She hadn't a clue that there had been anyone else in the room but it was a testament to Rascal's training that she had remained so still and silent.

Without warning the cock was removed from her mouth. Sarah bit back a plaintive moan and pulled her tongue back into place. It had almost followed the cock into the open air but she knew that would have been presumptuous and held the potential to make her seem greedy. She diligently kept her eyes forward though every fibre of her body screamed at her to look to her left.

The moans of pleasure let her know exactly what was happening and she longed to take a part, even if it was only that of the voyeur. She was here to be punished, she didn't deserve a gentleman's cum, the greatest gift a slut could receive. The knowledge that she was unworthy of such a gift did not stop her from desiring it.

Sarah's senses were drawn to the flicker of movement but she dared not react. It was maddening to be so close and yet so far, to not be permitted even to see such a beautiful thing. She was determined not to compound her naughtiness and forced herself to stay alert.


That was almost too much for the frustrated schoolgirl, but Sarah did nothing more than flutter her eyelids. She heard Rascal obey, imagining the pool of white liquid sliding down the pretty girl's throat. Sarah was happy for her but her thoughts quickly turned to the remainder of her session. She was to be here for a long time and proceedings had barely begun.

"Rascal, prepare Sarah for the first apparatus."
"Yes, Sir."

First, thought Sarah. Had this not counted? Had the session truly not begun? Not like it mattered, she had no choice but to accept whatever happened, but she still liked to follow what occurred, if only to better her recollection.

Rascal rose to her feet and busied herself freeing Sarah from her bonds. It gave the schoolgirl her first proper glimpse of the older girl and she was surprised not to see her in the usual maid’s outfit that she found so attractive. Rascal wore a simple black dress, the tight bodice hugging the curves of her body, obscuring the beauty beneath but leaving nothing to the imagination. The skirt flared out from the hip, the soft, flowing material barely reached her thigh and swayed and bounced with even the smallest movements. Sarah caught frequent but fleeting sightings of the pretty girl’s shapely buttocks.

She remained in position while Rascal released her from bondage, slowly and methodically. Sarah sighed when the tie securing her hair to the hook in her ass was loosened but she kept her head high, not having received an order to the contrary. At Rascal's silent prompting, she leaned forward and relaxed her ass as best she could. The hook was pulled from her, slowly but surely, Rascal's only consideration its timely removal.

The kneeling schoolgirl squealed softly as her anus distended to allow it to pass. Rascal quickly stepped before the kneeling girl and offered the freshly liberated hook for cleaning. Sarah opened her mouth instinctively, but balked as the warm ball was pressed forward. She looked up at Rascal but her disobedient glance was met with a stony determination. She had no choice and quickly closed her lips about the thin shaft and set to cleaning the smooth metal ball. She licked the slime from the hook, tasting her ass. There was little flavour to the residue that clung to the smooth metal and her initial reservations quickly passed.

Her hands and feet were uncuffed and Sarah groaned at the pain in her knees as the pressure was finally released. She moved only when prompted, taking her cues from Rascal. The other girl was a slut as well, but Sarah knew that her submission right now was complete. The mittens were unlocked, Sarah raising each one only for as long as it took to slide from her hand.

She continued to suckle upon the hook, tongue diligently removing all trace that it had been inside her. The weight of the thick metal device pulled at her jaw but she could do nothing but purse her lips about the shaft and hope to keep it within her mouth. Rascal tugged upon her hair and Sarah followed the cue, standing gingerly, knees cracking noisily as they were straightened. The bells were still clamped upon her nipples and they added their soft music to the noises from the other side of the room.

Sarah had studiously avoided the temptation to look or to listen to what was occurring in the rest of the room. She surrendered the hook to Rascal. A long string of saliva stretched from the shiny silver ball, eventually breaking to swing back and cling to her chin.

Her task seemingly complete, Rascal disappeared once more, leaving the naked schoolgirl on her own. Sarah wondered where exactly Rascal had gone, but the more pressing thought was the bells that still hung from her breasts. The clamps were incredibly painful and even though she knew the agony would increase, she longed for them to be removed. The heavy brass spheres rested against the curve of her breast, their weight pulling the soft nipple toward the floor.

All her holes were now empty, when so recently all three had been filled. That was the thought of a true slut, Sarah mused, a tiny wistful smile playing across her face. Her muscles ached and the delicate tip of each breast burned and here she was thinking of her holes. She stood at a strict attention, awaiting instruction and it was only now that her thoughts turned to the gentleman and her first apparatus.

"Rascal," he called, the sudden speech almost startling the naked teen.

Sarah sensed movement behind her and was ready when Rascal appeared once more. Sarah opened her mouth but closed it quickly when she realised the object Rascal held was not to be placed within. The curious schoolgirl stood still, submitting to her fellow slut's attention.

The small contraption was pressed against her nose and a small metal prong was slid inside each nostril. Sarah fought the urge to pull away or wrinkle her nose at the strange intrusion, instead allowing the other girl to seat the device firmly in her nose. With a few turns of a small wheel the device was fitted. Sarah could feel the prongs clamped to her septum, the small metal surfaces pressing upon one another, separated only by the thin wall of cartilage.

Rascal gently released the clamp, letting the weight of the device rest against Sarah's upper lip. She gave it a single gentle tug before stepping away and melting back into the shadows. Sarah wriggled her lips, trying to become used to the unfamiliar weight that now hung from her nose. It was a strange sensation, like an itch she could not scratch, but not entirely unpleasant.

Sarah was left on her own, listening intently to the sounds of activity in the room. Her knees trembled a little, her body still recovering from the strict position from which she had just been released. She tried not to move, her thoughts constantly returning to the bells clamped at the tip of each breast. The need to have them removed was becoming a compulsion she could not contain for much longer. She tried to refocus her thoughts, wondering what the noises behind her meant but it was a momentary distraction.


The single word was like the crack of a whip to the anxious teenager. She sprang into action, turning gracefully to where the voice had originated. Her step almost faltered when she saw the apparatus that had been erected, but she hurried forward knowing that her curiosity would soon be fulfilled. The delicate tinkling of the bells echoed in the room, Sarah's gasp at the spiking pain lost beneath the gentle music.

"Kneel, beneath the bars. Present, ass back to the second bar. That's good, Sarah."

She was now safely wedged beneath what Sarah could only describe as a mini uneven bars, the rear bar a foot higher than the foremost. She imagined a tiny gymnast twirling around the bars, jumping from one to the next. It was a testament to her training that she could still think such silly thoughts while her body was wracked with pain. The bells rested against the cool floor but this position only twisted the clamps, wrenching her nipples into unnatural angles.

Sarah loosened her body, allowing Kenneth to manipulate her limbs into the desired position. She knew she wasn't here for her own enjoyment but she couldn't deny her nature. Being controlled like this, having her very body played with as if she was a living marionette, sent a pulse of pleasure tingling along her vagina.

Her arms were pulled behind her and, one by one, tied to the large ring at the end of each bar. It was immediately apparent to the young girl, that even without any further restraints, the low angle and her arms pulled back and spread so tightly would make it difficult for her to support her weight. She tried to remain as upright as she could, maintaining the position in which she had been placed, and it took all her focus to do so.

A rope was wrapped expertly around her waist before looping around each leg, constricting the soft flesh high upon each thigh.  When the rope was fully tightened Sarah found it impossible to straighten her body. The strange tie kept her bottom pressed back and out, not allowing her any real range of movement.

The ropes felt so very different from the cuffs she had worn earlier. The pain of the strict restraints flowed deep within her body. She could feel each tight loop, the rough fibres biting into her soft skin. Her body was raised from the floor now, the position allowing the bells to swing freely from her pendant breasts. Each time a limb was moved or a restraint was tightened they were set swinging once more, tinkling noisily, the sound accompanied by fresh pain.

The heavy brass bells bounced wildly as yet another rope was tied about each knee, pulling her legs wide. The tight bondage made it impossible for the teenager to support the weight of her upper body. She had to allow herself to hang from her restraints, her ass pushed back and presented for use. She was completely unable to protect herself in any way, a sensation that was becoming more familiar to her with each passing day.

Sarah tried her best to keep her head up and her eyes forward. She couldn't allow the pain the position inflicted to affect her behaviour. She was ready when Kenneth knelt before her and slid a thin cord through the tiny loop at the end of the clamp that hung from her nose. The cord was pulled tight, forcing the young girl to slide forward to alleviate the pressure on her septum.

Sarah watched the cord being tied to a small kettlebell, the chipped black paint of its surface testimony to its history of use. Kenneth moved with speed and precision, setting the compliant schoolgirl into the desired posture. The apparatus he used and the positions into which he placed the girls during these sessions were tried and true but there was always room for experimentation. It was an art that could never truly be perfected, only improved upon.

Sarah winced but held her tongue when her ragged ponytail was reset and gathered tightly behind her head. She knew what was to come next as if she had read the manual for this position. Her hair was pulled back and tied to the bar above her head, a tiny squeal of pain escaping as the clamp tugged viciously at her nose.

The tie complete, Sarah pulled a little forward, hoping to ease the pressure in her nose. The pain subsided, only to be replaced by a different discomfort. She could handle the sharp pressure in her scalp, it was painful but her nose no longer felt as if it was being torn apart. She could no longer move her head forward or back without causing herself greater pain. She now had a second, pressing reason to keep as still as she could.

Kenneth returned and lowered himself to one knee, gently sweeping a stray lock of hair behind Sarah's ear. The intimacy of the act made her eyelids flutter but she resisted the urge to look him in the eye. Her mouth opened obediently, reacting to the large metal ring that was offered.

She opened wide to accommodate the gag. The pain in her nose spiked but she quickly adjusted, pulling her neck down and tilting her head back just a little, just enough to find the previous balance that she felt she could maintain. It was becoming harder and harder to deal with what was happening, the sources of pain and discomfort bombarding her from all directions.

She hadn't been trained for this yet. She was the first slut to have earned such a session in her first week, it was normal for much longer to have passed before a student had to deal with the stress of a punishment session. There was no use crying over spilt milk, she had behaved terribly and had earned her place here. She couldn't afford to be a baby about it now.

Try as she might to listen to such sage advice, her situation was starting to overwhelm her. As much as she fought against them, small tears began to form. Sarah tried to blink them away but succeeded only in blurring her vision. She had to try and be strong, this was nobody's fault but her own. If she hadn't been so ill-disciplined...

No, she couldn't think on the past. She would do better, she would be better. She knew what she had to do now. She knew how important it was to be the best slut she could be. Nothing in the world was more important. She existed to serve.

Sarah screamed, an agonised sound torn from the back of her throat, wrenching her thoughts back to the present. The pain in her left nipple was excruciating, the blood rushing back into the tender flesh the moment the cruel clamp had been released. At least she had the presence of mind to hold still but her accomplishment was little comfort. Sarah's entire body tensed as she waited for the second clamp to be removed.

This time the anticipation made the pain more intense, something she hadn't thought was possible. Her mind reeled as she processed the vicious, throbbing ache that radiated through her chest. She could barely feel her nipples as the source of the pain, her entire breast aching with an agony that felt as if it had no end.

Her tears fell in a steady stream, running down her cheeks to join eventually with the string of saliva that had begun to collect at her chin. She had known this would happen, she had wanted it, and now that it had she was acting like a spoilt brat. She was young and inexperienced, she hadn't forgotten that, but she was ashamed of her tears. She was only beginning her training and she took solace in that fact but she couldn't help but feel her failure as keenly as the agony that pulsed through each breast.

Sarah tried hard to calm herself, knowing that her reaction would only make it harder for her to deal with the rigorous position. The pain in her breasts slowly ebbed, allowing the myriad of hurts from the rest of her body to make themselves known once more. Almost every part of her ached and it was impossible for her to find a position that eased her discomfort. No matter which way she moved and no matter how small the movement, each tiny adjustment only shifted the agony to a different part of her tortured body.

Even through the pain that wracked her young form, Sarah managed to refocus on her breasts and the soft pink tip that hung inches from the floor. The pain had almost subsided but she longed to have them touched, to squeeze them gently to assuage the remnant of the agony she had felt. It was a ghost pain that lingered in each small bud and she knew it would dissipate quickly, if only she could touch them.

Sarah tried desperately to think of something else but it was not until she realised the reason her nipples had ceased to ache, that she was able to turn her thoughts elsewhere. The only thing that could send the pain away was the passage of time. How long had she been left to her own devices, allowed to wallow in her own thoughts?

It was only then that Sarah made sense of the low, sonorous hum that filled the room. It came from behind her and it took a few moments for her to place the sound. It was a gentleman's voice, low and steady. It was too soft for her to make out any particular words, but it sounded as if Kenneth was reading aloud.

Was he reading to Rascal, passing the time while she was safely secured? Was she being left here to learn a lesson? She didn't think that she was here to learn anything, not in this session. She was here to be punished but that didn't mean she couldn't learn something on her own.

Sarah tried to ignore the myriad agonies that made it difficult for her to think straight and tried to focus on Kenneth's voice. It was masculine and radiated authority. She found it relaxing to listen, even though she could not understand the words. She longed for Kenneth to read to her, maybe one day, if she was good, no not if, when she was good. Rascal was receiving this reward because she was a good slut: well behaved, disciplined and aware of her place.

Sarah tried to reach out with her senses, to embrace the power of the voice. There was a beauty, a strength, that made her feel safe but her desire was marred by the intrusion of her other senses. Her jaw had begun to ache now, the wide metal ring pressed uncomfortably on the soft gum behind her teeth. It was a small discomfort, and only one among many, but she was finding it difficult to ignore any of them, no matter how small. They were slowly building, overwhelming her. Even the cold from the floor made her knees ache more than the strict position would otherwise have warranted.

Her humiliating tears had passed but it had left her eyes red and tight and her nose had continued to run. Sarah dared not sniff, knowing such an ugly noise would be unacceptable. She seemed unable to stifle the soft moans no matter how hard she tried but she was determined not to add to them. Her nose ran, the viscous mucus running down her upper lip to drip to the floor below.

Sarah breathed raggedly through her mouth, unable to breathe through her nose and unwilling to clear it herself. She knew her face was a mess: tears, saliva and snot combining to make her less pleasing than she ought to be, but there was nothing she could do now, bound tightly as she was. It was simply unacceptable to have allowed herself to become so unattractive.

Sarah found a new strength in her failure, opened her eyes wider and stared defiantly at the wall in front. She could see the small bag that contained her uniform hung from a hook by the door and longed to wear it once more, to represent Harkwood Academy, to be a better student than she had been so far, to be worthy of her place within these hallowed halls.

"Sarah? You are here to be punished," Kenneth said, standing directly behind the young girl, surveying her plump pussy and tight asshole, exposed and vulnerable. He smiled as the teenager jumped, startled by his sudden attention. His smile widened at the stricken squeal of pain that her change in position brought.

"You understand that this is a punishment session, designed only to impress upon a slut that breaches of discipline are not to be tolerated. No pleasure is to be gained here, no lessons are taught. Your cunt shows clear evidence of arousal. This is not a punishable offence, on the contrary it is a trait that is admirable and one to be cultivated. However, if you come during this session, a second will be immediately scheduled. I hope that will make an impression upon you. You won't disappoint me will you Sarah?"

Sarah tried to respond but her heartfelt agreement came out as a strangled gurgle, unintelligble and accompanied by a long string of drool that stretched all the way to the floor.

"Good, now I don't want to hear another sound. You should have learnt enough by now not to be so noisy. Rascal, gag E7."

Sarah's thoughts ran wild, chastising herself for making so much noise. Her ill-discipline had necessitated a change of gag. Why couldn't she have just shut her mouth? She was such a dumb cunt. She was here for just such unbridled naughtiness. She wouldn't forget the gentleman's kindness. She didn't think it likely that she would come, even though she needed to desperately, but she took the reminder to heart. Her pussy was a little wet, which was a good thing, but she was so very far from an orgasm.

Sarah calmed herself, slowing down her breathing, while the ring gag was removed. She was prepared for the bite of the clamp upon her nose, closing her eyes tightly and internalising the pain, making sure she didn't make a sound. Rascal appeared, kneeling in front of Sarah and proferring a curved piece of metal in her upturned palms.

Sarah kept her mouth open as wide as she could, fighting the urge to close it, just for a moment. She longed to lick her lips, to run her tongue slowly around her mouth and remove the sticky mixture that had accumulated. Free of the gag her jaws closed a little, but she kept her mouth open, never for a second forgetting her responsibilities.

The new gag slid inside her mouth, the cool metal surface pressing down upon her tongue. It was smooth and flat, an inch wide and unforgiving. It had been formed in the shape of a tight J, the long arm now slipping into her open mouth. Sarah gagged as the tip of the flat paddle slid to the back of her throat. There was a sudden pressure under her chin and Kenneth stepped away.

Sarah closed her eyes, stomach heaving as she fought for control. The flat metal shaft curved to the back of her throat, depressing the tongue along its entire length. The shorter arm had slid under her chin, hugging the gentle curve and keeping the gag in place. She pushed desperately with her tongue, her body acting on instinct to expel the foreign invader. She baulked again, the action causing a spike of agony to shoot between her shoulders.

The gag would not budge. Sarah had known from the start that it would not, she had tried to accept it but her body had other ideas. So much for a slut's instincts, she mused. Drool flowed freely from her open mouth, her trapped tongue wiggling wildly beneath its restraint. She had to calm down. She had to get over this silliness. She was only causing herself more pain.

That was easier said than done and it took the anxious girl more than ten minutes to grow accustomed to the new device. It was such a simple design, wickedly so, but it kept her quiet. She couldn't stop her tongue pulsing madly, pressing against the gag that kept it in place but that was something she would have to deal with. She couldn't look down to see, but Sarah knew she was making a mess on the floor. She could feel the saliva run freely down over her chin. She could bring her lips together now, and experimented with the sensation, but she couldn't quite close her mouth.

The quiet reading resumed and Sarah fought to remain silent. She had no idea how much time had passed but it couldn't be less than an hour. Her muscles screamed for release but she could do nothing but take stock of each separate agony and deal with it like a true slut. She decided to try and rank her pain, playing a game with herself to pass the time and to better familiarise herself with what she was feeling. There was nothing else to do and maybe it would help just a little.

Her shoulders definitely hurt the most, the strange, stretched position having taken its toll almost immediately. Her knees were next, the hard wooden floor, cold and smooth, madeher skin feel raw. Her hair, no her neck, was third, her back a close fourth. The ropes around her thighs throbbed continually, her knees and wrists close behind. The new gag wasn't as painful as the last, it allowed her to alleviate a little of the pressure upon the clamp in her nose, but it added to the torturous state of her body.

Sarah shed fresh tears when silence fell upon the room and she sensed Kenneth's approach. Her little game had not really been helping. With each passing minute, as her list grew in shape and definition, the pain was becoming harder to accept. She had started to panic, the frantic need for release overtaking all other thoughts. It was unworthy, she knew, but she could not stop it. She had begun to grow restless, shifting her weight slightly, making tiny movements, searching for some kind of escape, no matter how small or how fleeting. Was she to be released, finally, or was she only to receive another lecture?

"Well that gag was much better wasn't it? Seen and not heard, Sarah. Rascal?" Kenneth said, snapping his fingers. "Lift your dress. Sarah."

The young girl responded to the expectation in his voice and looked up. Rascal held the skirt of her dress above her waist, exposing her milky thighs and the deep-pink lips of her pussy. Sarah saw a tiny silver H hanging from a ring through Rascal's clit-hood, the same worn by her teachers and housemistress. There was a glint of metal from between the slim lips of her pussy but Sarah could not quite make out what it was.

As Sarah took in the sight, a large hand flew down, impacting upon the soft, white flesh of Rascal's inner thigh. The meaty slap was incredibly loud in the still room, but it was the only sound that occurred. Rascal stayed in perfect position and made not a sound. Even as she watched the bright pink handprint appear on the girl's thigh, Sarah was impressed with her composure.

Kenneth watched Sarah's face, smiling at the young girl's obvious fascination. It was interesting to see the slut's reaction. He had studied her file and her presence in this session seemed out of place for what he had read. The transition was different for each student, but he had never seen a slut as clearly talented as she struggle so fundamentally.

With a gentle touch on her shoulder, he sent Rascal back to her corner. Sarah immediately forced her eyes forward, feeling the pressure of the scrutiny of a gentleman. She felt it like a physical pressure, an intense, crowded feeling that caused her entire body to radiate with heat.

Sarah sensed Kenneth move away and then return, relying on her other senses to provide the awareness of her surroundings. She felt a strong hand on her breast a moment before a clamp closed cruelly around her small nipple. Sarah's eyes closed in response, a sharp intake of breath her only concession to the pain that sliced into her.

Kenneth slid a thin cord through the end of the clover clamp and tied the end to a heavy metal weight. The room resounded to the harsh metallic scrape of the weight sliding to the right, away from the young girl's body. Sarah clenched her jaw, the pain from the clamp increasing tenfold as it pulled her breast down and out, stretching the delicate pink tip.

She was prepared for the second clamp but it did not help her deal with the pain that punched into her chest. Kenneth adjusted each weight, first the left and then the right, tiny adjustments, until he was happy with the symmetry of the position. Sarah's breasts were pulled away from her body, the soft mounds stretched into fleshy cones, the sharp teeth of the clamps tight upon her nipple.

"Rascal, clean this mess."

Sarah blinked slowly, the movement filled with regret. Her face was a mess and she was ashamed of the unattractive state it was in. Rascal was going to clean her, to make her pretty again, but it wasn't just her tears that Rascal was going to clean. Her nose had run copiously, the thick, ropey mucus sliding down over her lip to join with her saliva to create a sticky, congealed mess that covered the lower half of her face.

Rascal appeared and immediately set to work. She knelt in front of the bound schoolgirl and leaned slowly forward. Sarah closed her eyes, lids flickering as Rascal's tongue slid gently along each one. It was such a sensual, intimate gesture and Sarah felt suddenly relaxed. Rascal did not think badly of her for putting her in this situation. It gave her the chance to serve and she was taking such a delicate care. Sarah’s body was wracked with the agony of her position but she let herself be calmed by the tenderness.

Rascal slowly moved down her face, bathing every inch with her tongue. It was over all too soon, her face completely clean, and glistening with a thin sheen of saliva. Her chin was immediately covered in drool from her open mouth, but there was nothing that she could do about that. The position she was in and the strange gag that depressed her tongue prevented her from even the smallest measure of control.

"Enough. You may have a seat."
"Thank you, Sir," Rascal said happily, before scurrying silently from sight.
"Now that you're comfortable, we can actually do some work with this position."

Sarah's eyes widened at his words. She wasn't sure how long she had already been in this painful posture but it had to be close to an hour. Only now were they going to "do some work"? Every inch of her body ached but she knew this was just the beginning. She was here to be punished after all, what could she expect?

Sarah did not have long to contemplate the meaning of Kenneth's words. He walked in front of her, a thick cane swinging from his right hand. This was not the kind of work that she would appreciate Sarah lamented, knowing, even as she did so, that it was only what she deserved. She had been such a bratty little bitch, ill-disciplined and stupid but she was different now.

What she was going to be, however, was irrelevant to the moment. Kenneth knelt on one knee by her right side and slid the cane slowly across the taut skin of her breast. Sarah tried to grit her teeth, prepared for the pain to come, but the flat metal gag prevented her mouth from closing. The tapping was gentle at first, the hard wooden cane barely touching her skin, but surely and steadily the strength of each stroke increased.

The cane did not move, continuously hitting the same small area of her breast. Each time the hard wooden shaft hit her breast, the malleable flesh pulled agonisingly against the vicious bite of the clamp. She was trying to stay silent but she wasn't strong enough. With each strident yelp that escaped her, Sarah felt her worthlessness fill her body. If only he could hit her somewhere else, just once. She would have begged him to hit her somewhere else, ten times as hard, but she could not bring herself to speak, even if the gag had permitted it.

It felt like an hour before the caning stopped. Sarah was panting heavily, her body drenched in sweat. She had been unable to remain still during the torture, pulling against her bondage with each stroke. None of them had been as hard as those given for her infractions but the monotony of the impacts had made up for their lack of power.

Her nose had pulled painfully against the clamp, as had each breast, the cords tied to the heavy weights pulled taut, causing pain with even the smallest of movements. The fresh hurts almost made her forget the deep aches of the strenuous position, almost but not quite. Her shoulders burned, every fibre of every muscle a blaze of agony.

Her reprieve lasted only as long as it took Kenneth to move to her left side. The process began again, the soft taps increasing in intensity with each repetition. Sarah was yelping with each impact, her tolerance for pain already pushed to the limit. She couldn't take this much longer.

The moment the thought formed, Sarah knew how stupid it was. She didn't have a choice. What she could take was irrelevant. Whatever her superiors deemed necessary for her would happen. She didn't think she could take much more, but what she thought no longer mattered, besides, just what was she going to do? The thought would have been comical if she wasn't in such pain.

The moment the caning stopped, Sarah quieted, ashamed of her weakness but knowing that right now she could do nothing else. She just had to use the experience to be a better slut, it was all she could really do.

"Rascal. Prepare her for her second station. Then you may sit once more."

Sarah heard Kenneth's heavy step move to the far side of the room but focused more upon the appearance of her fellow slut. She was desperate to be released from these restraints but she wasn't sure what would bring her more relief - her arms to be released or the clamps. Each generated its own particular agony but if she had been asked to make a choice, she honestly could not have chosen.

It took an age for Rascal to release her, or so it felt to the exhausted schoolgirl. Rascal was in no hurry to complete her task, moving with slow efficiency, untying each rope with a special care. Sarah cried out when each clamp relinquished its hold upon her nipple, her body shuddering with the sudden rush of blood to the pinched flesh. Each pump of her heart brought a fresh spike of pain but it lessened with each passing moment.

Rascal gently lowered each of Sarah's arms to the floor, helping to support her body for a few seconds until she was sure the teenager could manage. Last of all was the clamp in her nose. Rascal untied the cord that connected her to the weight but left the cord to dangle to the floor. Rascal snapped her fingers and Sarah rose gingerly to her feet.

It felt strange to put weight on her legs after so long on her knees but she was glad of the normalcy it brought. She glanced at her breasts, eyes widening at the deep purple dents that creased each light-pink areola. She longed to squeeze them gently, to bring back the feeling to her abused nipples, despite knowing the fresh pain it would bring. Instead of assuaging her need, Sarah slid her arms behind her back and stood at attention, knowing it was only what was expected.

Rascal performed one last task, unscrewing the clamp from her nose and lifting it away as it if were the most precious thing in the world. She disappeared once more leaving Sarah to wonder to what seat she was being allowed to return. She had sounded more than appreciative, clearly happy to be allowed to sit. Sarah imagined the kind of seat that would make a slut happy and knew that it had to involve at least one of her holes being filled. Or was she just happy to be allowed anything?

Sarah took the opportunity to work out the kinks in her body. Her knees trembled uncontrollably and she flexed her arms and shoulders just a little, not enough to break position but enough to bring a slight relief to her aching muscles. She didn't want to think what the second station would be, she was still dealing with the aftermath of the first and she would know soon enough without pre-empting the coming pain.

A steady, agonising rhythm throbbed through her breasts. She had seen them when she had risen to her feet: the top of each breast was a deep red but there didn't appear to be any individual marks. The caning had hurt so much, but no single stroke had been hard enough to leave its own mark, not like the patchwork of welts that covered her bottom from a week of morning corrections.


She followed the voice, heavy with expectation. A small shiver travelled through her body. It was a voice that was used to being obeyed. Kenneth spoke and his words were followed, this was something Sarah knew deeply. With every fibre of her being she recognised the power this gentleman had. Not all men were like this, even with her newfound perspective she knew that not every gentleman had this innate sense of superiority.

"Left foot and then right," Kenneth said, indicating where he wished the schoolgirl to be.

On the floor in the centre of the room stood two strange boots, of black leather and metal. The heels looked to be incredibly high, much taller than those she wore everyday. The sole of the high-heeled boot was made of metal fused to a plate that was bolted to the concrete floor. A long leather tongue was pulled forward from each boot as if inviting her foot within.

Sarah stepped quickly to the plate and lifted her dainty foot into the left boot as gracefully as she could. Her toes did not penetrate the boot very far, the position making the young girl realise that she would be practically standing on her toes as if she was practicing the ballet moves Madame had taught them. Her right foot followed quickly and Sarah immediately stood at attention, teetering uncertainly on her toes.


Sarah did not see the slut appear this time, but felt the tongue of the left boot being slid back against her shin. Rascal was quick and efficient, lacing the shiny ballet boot tightly around the waiting teenager's leg. Sarah heard three small clicks and knew that Rascal had closed the buckles, securing her into the boot.

The lacing was repeated with the other boot while Sarah stood obediently still, allowing her limb to be jolted by the hard tugging of the laces and buckles restraining her legs. She stood at a fixed attention, her legs shoulder-width apart and she knew that they could not be moved. The strain in her calves had been immediate, quickly followed by an ache in her pointed toes.

The boots were laced halfway up her shin, the tight leather constricting her leg to just below the slim curve of her calf. Sarah had realised during her fitting that the boots now made her amazingly stable. She could feel the support they offered, despite the precarious point of balance their height imparted. Rascal returned with two small metal trays, the flat surfaces shining brilliantly.

"Arms out Sarah, palms up. Higher, your hands are to stay here, in line with your breasts. Rascal, place."

Rascal carefully placed a tray in each of Sarah's hands, ensuring she set each one in the centre of the schoolgirl's palms. Sarah's hands lowered a little but she quickly recovered, lifting the new weight, eyes flicking briefly to the trays, lining them up with each breast. She knew that was naughty and immediately regretted it but she dearly wanted to follow this new set of rules to the letter.

Without another word Sarah was left in position, Kenneth and Rascal retiring to wherever it was they went while Sarah was locked into each punishing position. Her current posture reminded her of the lesson in which they had been introduced to serving at table. She had held a tray for almost an entire lesson, but it had been with both hands and still she had struggled.

Sarah could already feel her arms begin to strain in the unnatural position. She tried her best to stifle the tremors and managed to succeed for a few minutes each time. Try as she might though, the gentle trembling would return. Each time it did, a fresh spike of fear coursed through her. What would she face if one of the trays tumbled to the floor? Sarah winced at the thought of the jarring noise of the metal clanging against the hard wooden boards. Just the idea made her feel disappointed in herself.

"Sarah it is time for you to pee," Kenneth said close in her ear. "Lower yourself."

Sarah complied, squatting slowly but prettily. The boots kept her leg below the knee completely straight and it was a strange feeling to lower her body in such a way. Her bottom swung backwards awkwardly, completely changing her centre of gravity. It was only the tight boots, that caused the awkwardness, that kept her from toppling to the floor. It was only with a great effort that she managed to keep the trays straight. She hid a small smile, keenly aware she hadn't really achieved anything of note, but she hadn't failed and that fact made her happy.

A small bucket was slid beneath her, the room resounding to its harsh metallic scrape. "Pee, Rascal supervise."

Sarah squeezed, forcing out a slim stream of dark yellow urine. She heard it splatter into the empty bucket, the sound echoing throughout the room. She hadn't realised how much she had needed to pee until it had been mentioned. If it was allowed she would have sighed with the relief but she stayed silent, the only sound that of her bladder slowly filling the bucket below.

Four times Sarah stopped her flow, tensing her muscles and clamping her tiny sphincter as she had been taught. The first time was always the most difficult but it became easier with each repetition.

"Stop," Rascal ordered. Sarah obeyed instinctively, stopping her flow almost instantly. She had been commanded by another slut but she had obeyed without thought. "The first mark has been reached, Sir."
"Sarah, stand."

The moment she was back in position, the small bucket she had partially filled was placed on the tray supported by her left hand. She knew it was coming but her arm still dipped, lowering six inches under the added weight. Sarah grit her teeth and quickly raised it to its proper level, her shoulders tense as she waited to be scolded.

"Rascal, fill the other."

Sarah struggled with the uneven weights, focusing all her attention on keeping them steady, willing more of her strength to her left arm. She heard the stop-start splatter of Rascal's obedience and tried to prepare for what was to come.

"There is a litre of supplement by the seat. Drink it now."
"Thank you, Sir," Rascal replied, curtseying daintily.
"Master Stewart has returned from Devon and has kindly provided your supplement for today. A further two litres are available if you are good."
"Thank you, Sir," Rascal enthused, her voice thick with her gratitude.
"I expect you to thank Master Stewart as well, Domino and Hector too."
"Yes, Sir, I will not forget."

Sarah listened intrigued but not following. She didn't know any of those names and she could only guess at what Rascal's supplement contained. She wondered if it was anything like the vile liquid she had to consume when she missed her meals. She knew it would be nutritious, the staff at Harkwood always made sure the sluts were healthy, but the question of its taste was something Sarah could not let go.

Her right arm barely moved when the small bucket containing Rascal's urine was added to her tray. Strangely it made it easier to stay balanced with the added weight. Sarah breathed slow and deep, focusing on her muscles and keeping to her position. She could feel the final droplets of her pee still clinging to her bare lips and hoped that there was not enough to fall to the floor.

"Head up," Kenneth snapped. "Straighten out those trays. If they spill, you will clean up every last drop. Why are you here, Sarah?"
"To be punished, Sir."
"And why do you require punishment?"
"I am an undisciplined slut, Sir."
"Acknowledging a deficiency is the first step in rectification, but it does nothing to explain your behaviour. Why do you require punishment?"
"I, ah," Sarah hesitated, caught a litte off-guard by the repeated question. "I didn't try hard enough Sir, I was lazy and stupid and didn't take my responsibilities seriously." Sarah continued at Kenneth's casual wave, "I didn't respect my superiors or my duties as a slut."
"This is a common enough ailment of a slut early in her training, so why do you think that you, among so many countless others, were so poor at those very fundamental aspects that make a slut what she is?"
"I am a slut, Sir."
"Well you can stand there until you have an answer."

Sarah blinked away her tears, barely aware of Kenneth's departure. Why was she so dumb? She knew the answer, it had dawned on her the second she had given her inadequate response. She would not fail a second time, but she had condemned herself to prolonged torture because of her stupidity. If she wanted to be a truly good slut, she would not only need to behave but she would need to smarten up as well.

She had always prided herself on her intelligence, her schoolwork had always been exemplary but she knew now that this was irrelevant knowledge. Knowing how to find a square root or conjugate a verb was useless to a slut. Partly it had been her pride that had caused her early downfall, but there was something else as well, something for which she was more ashamed.

"Rascal, have you finished?"
"Yes, Sir," came the sated reply from across the room.
"Collect the bucket of ice and kneel," Kenneth commanded, snapping his fingers and pointing to the floor behind Sarah. One every twenty seconds. Signal your completion upon the thirtieth insertion. Spillage will be punished."
"Yes, Sir."

Sarah tensed when she felt Rascal take her place, knowing that she would soon be feeling the icy touch at one of her holes. She wasn't sure how to react, other than to be completely obedient. Should she try to accommodate Rascal or should she just stay at attention. That wasn't even a question, Sarah chastised. She had been given a position and she shouldn't move without being told. See, smarten up, she told herself.

Sarah jumped at the touch of the first piece of ice. She had heard the rustle of the cubes as Rascal selected the first but she had been unable to control her body. The ice slid between her buttocks and was pressed forcefully against her asshole. Her muscle puckered, acting against her wishes but Rascal was not to be deterred.

With a steady pressure, that only increased with Sarah's resistance, Rascal forced the first piece of ice into her tight hole. Sarah's anus closed about the cube, drawing it deeper. She immediately felt the cold begin to spread through her. The twenty seconds passed quickly and before she was ready a second slice of cold was pushed between her buttocks.

Even if she had wanted to, Sarah could not pull away. The tightly laced boots kept her upright and prevented her from leaning forward. She could not raise herself at all, already stretched painfully onto her toes, her calves tight with the strain. She wanted to obey and she was grateful for the assistance of her bondage. She had so much to focus on without worrying about breaking position.

The trays were becoming heavier by the second and she could feel the tremors growing. She could see the lights shimmering off the polished trays as they shuddered with her inability to keep them steady. Sarah tried to forget the steady addition of ice inside her ass and focus on what was important. She knew her arms were bending, her elbows bowing inwards towards her body, but she simply didn’t have the strength to combat the weight of the trays. She caught her lip between her teeth, anxiously anticipating a scolding.

She quickly lost count, the cold numbing her ass and radiating up into her belly and chest. Rascal was executing her task perfectly, another cube pushed inside every twenty seconds. After the fifth, she began to push her finger in further with each cube to ensure nothing spilled. By the tenth her entire finger, to the knuckle, was forced inside Sarah's asshole. By the twelfth she was manipulating further, shifting the cubes once they were inside to free up the space around the opening of the schoolgirl's anus.

Sarah noticed that her knees were trembling and her entire body was shivering. She hadn't realised when it had started but it quickly became apparent that it would make her task even harder. Her arms were aching, the muscles burning in counterpoint to the coolness that was filling her body. She was deathly afraid of dropping either tray, not wanting to clean up the mess she would make, but not wanting to experience the disappointment even more.

"Complete, Sir."
"Your count was off on the twenty-third. Assume the position."

So Rascal wasn't perfect! It was silly to have thought she was, but it was still something that made her feel just a little better. Sarah was instantly ashamed of herself. She felt sorry for Rascal, but quickly dismissed the emotion. Rascal would not want her pity, she had failed, even if it was such a tiny infraction, and she would know that punishment was deserved. Next time she would do better.

Sarah tried not to think too much about the other girl, knowing she needed to expend all her energy upon her own dilemma. She could feel cool drops of water running down the inside of her thighs and hoped that it was only the melt from Rascal's attention, not anything leaking from her ass. She clenched tighter, the action making the cold feel more intense.

Sarah was confused by her own body. She was shivering with the cold but she was sweating too, the salty droplets tickling her side as they ran from beneath her arms. She licked her upper lip, clearing it of the beaded moisture and wondered how long she could last. It would be longer than she would have ever thought, the little training she had experienced had taught her that, but she still did not know her own body well enough to make such a judgement.

The hard sound of flesh upon flesh came from behind, the noise intriguing her despite her own difficulty. She could tell, even without seeing, that Rascal was being spanked, hard. She would have loved to have witnessed the punishment, not to revel in another girl's misfortune, but to learn more about how a slut behaved. Sarah quickly lost count of the rapidly applied smacks but she could imagine the state of Rascal's bottom when the sound finally faded.

With the prospect of renewed scrutiny, Sarah straightened her posture and lifted the trays just a little. Her arms were incredibly painful now, bent close to her body. Over time the trays had drifted closer to her body, her elbows bending as she tried desperately to keep them aloft. She could hear the acrid liquid in the two small buckets sloshing with the uncontrollable trembling of her arms. Her whole body quivered, muscles unable to withstand the strain.

"Every last one Rascal, across the front. Premature removal will be punished."

Sarah tensed, knowing she had become the focus of the session once more. She did not see the gentleman but Rascal moved into view. The bodice of her dress had been pulled down to reveal her breasts. Her nipples were pierced with two small D rings. A thin chain descended from each one, distending the delicate buds. The chains held up a small, black plastic tray that curved around her body.

On the tray sat a low container, the contents of which made Sarah's chest tighten. Without preamble Rascal stepped forward, chose a single small peg from the box and pressed it against the side of Sarah's breast, careful to avoid the trembling trays. The young girl winced but held steady knowing that this was but the first of many. Rascal had been told to use them all and from the brief glimpse she had dared, there looked to be hundreds.

That was an exaggeration, Sarah knew, and it gave her an idea. Over the course of the next ten minutes, she counted each small peg that was clamped upon her soft flesh, the task providing the tiniest of distractions from the pain. It felt as if an entire hive of bees had stung her, the bite of each peg, sharp and prolonged.

When Rascal reached for the forty-third peg one of the tiny clamps that had pinched her flank fell from her skin to clatter upon the rough concrete below. Rascal paused for just a second before continuing with her duty and in that moment Sarah knew that she contemplated her failure. She was trying her best to remain completely still to prevent any such mishaps but she could only do so much to help Rascal. She had first to think of her own predicament.

When Rascal finally stepped away, Sarah's body was covered in what looked like a quivering mass of tiny black insects. They covered her breasts and belly, pinched the soft skin of each flank and thigh and clung tenaciously to the plump lips of her pussy. Rascal had been ruthless in her placement, even securing some to her small inner lips, pulling the delicate folds into view.

More than once Sarah had almost dropped a tray, the fresh application of a vicious clamp on an untouched expanse of skin, making her shy away ever so slightly. She had tried, and failed, to be silent. She whimpered softly with each fresh application, knowing even as she did so, that she was being undisciplined, reinforcing her reason for being here. 

Rascal bent to collect the single fallen peg, lowering herself slowly, bending at the knee to ensure the tray did not swing away from her body. She returned a moment later, the box of pegs gone. With careful movements she removed each small bucket from Sarah's tray, placing them upon her own. Sarah knew how much those small urine-filled buckets weighed and she felt for Rascal when she saw the other girl's nipples stretch to accommodate the added weight. Rascal stoically accepted the pain, the only outward sign a small flutter of her eyelids.

"Drink those," Kenneth ordered, no hint of reward in his voice now. Rascal had made a second mistake and Sarah knew that it would cost her dearly. It had been so small, but if she was to be spanked for almost ten minutes for missing a count by a second then the correction for this added failure would be terrible.

It was only then that Sarah realised that the punishment for a fully-trained slut had to be harsher. A trained slut should know better and should not make mistakes, when she did their importance needed to be impressed upon her with an intensity she would understand. The schoolgirl had a new-found outlook upon her life and her duties. Her superiors shouldn't have to take time to punish a slut who failed to serve, a superior's time was precious enough.

Sarah stared intently ahead, her fresh perspective giving her strength. Kenneth loomed before her, his masculine bulk imposing yet intensely attractive. All Sarah wanted was a chance to serve this man, a chance to show him that she could be a good slut. She hated that any gentleman was seeing her like this, punishing her for her failures instead of using her for his pleasure.

Kenneth reached out and took the shiny trays from Sarah's outstretched hands. Without the weight, her hands rose involuntarily and she had to fight to keep them at the correct height. It was such a strange sensation, as if her limbs were being manipulated by some unseen puppeteer.

"Hands behind your back. Due to Rascal's clumsiness there are only..."
"Ninety-four, Sir," Sarah said, correctly interpreting the expectation in Kenneth's voice.
"Ninety-four pegs to remove. Any break in position will necessitate a recommencement. All the way on Rascal," Kenneth snapped, his attention temporarily turned to the far corner. "Yes, ninety-four," he repeated, surveying the teenager's body.

Sarah's heart pounded in her chest when she saw the instrument that would be used to remove the pegs from her body. A long, many-pronged whip dangled from the gentleman’s right hand, each strand capable, by itself, of inflicting terrible pain. The anticipation, as Kenneth swung the whip, becoming accustomed to its weight, made Sarah's pulse race. With each practice swing she started, sending the covering of pegs shimmering anew.

Sarah was held fast, the tall ballet boots bolted to the floor preventing any escape, but the first time the whip flew towards her, she couldn't help but sway just a little. She had barely moved, and the strands of the whip had not missed, but she knew she had come incredibly close to earning more punishment. Only a few of the whip's multiple strands connected, but those that did dislodged three pegs from her belly and sent them flying across the room.

Sarah yelped at the sudden pain as the wooden clamps were ripped from her flesh. Three down, ninety-one to go. When you put it like that it wasn't so bad was it? She was still reeling from the first strike, the whip's tails sending trails of fire across her skin, compounding the agony of the peg's sudden removal. Maybe she could think that way when there were only a handful left, but what state would she be in by then?

Sarah tried her best to follow Rascal's example, but she knew she did not do well. Her body moved constantly, though never enough to break position. She was sure, ever since her first failure, to be certain she was pressed forward to meet the whip. Her body was wracked with pain but she never again forgot her duty.

She was soon left only a handful of pegs pinching her thighs and pussy, and two recalcitrant little clamps that clung tenaciously to the side of her left breast. Kenneth was on his third attempt to remove them, her breast burning with the repeated blows it had received. Sarah squeezed her arms together and pressed her chest forward, offering her breast to the lash.

The desperate schoolgirl squealed when the whip struck for a fourth time on the same small patch of flesh. Her breast flew sideways, smashed by the force of the blow but she felt the pegs finally relinquish their hold. Sarah bit her lip to stifle the scream she could feel building. She knew what was to happen next. The thin tails of the whip would soon be snaking between her thighs, slicing across her tender pussy.

She could only hope that each blow would remove at least one peg. She couldn't tell how many were there exactly, and she had been unable to keep count as the whip struck, but there couldn't be more than ten. Ten strikes upon such delicate flesh! The thought made her shudder but she tried her best to force her hips just a little forward.

Kenneth adjusted his swing to bring the whip up between the schoolgirl's legs. Sarah screamed as the lash flicked against her vulva. She knew, the moment her brain cleared, that no peg had been moved. Her vision was blurred by tears. Her breathing became laboured as she breathed through her mouth, her nose having been blocked by the runny mucus that accompanied her tears.

Sarah screamed again when the thin tails of the whip sliced across her exposed pussy. Her thighs strained, desperate to close and protect the sensitive flesh but the boots into which her feet had been buckled kept her immobile, her legs spread wide, denying her any protection. Her hands flew forward in a feeble attempt at defense.

Even through the agony that washed through her, Sarah blanched at her breach of discipline. As desperate as she was to touch her pussy, to allay her fears of damage done, she quickly returned her arms behind her. Her shoulders heaved with the sobs she had tried so hard to bury when she saw Kenneth drape the whip over his shoulder and move from her view. She knew she had done the wrong thing and now she was to pay for it.

A moment later her trembling hands were seized and a thin cord was wrapped tightly around them. In a few short seconds her hands were bound unable to repeat the transgression. Her bondage, however, was not complete. Sarah gasped as her elbows were drawn together and tied tightly with a second cord. Her shoulders were pulled back by the strict tie, the position pushing her breasts forward.

"Rascal, gauge four cane. One stroke every ten seconds."

Sarah's sobs continued as she listened to the escalation of her punishment. This was her fault. She had been stupid, so fucking stupid. Such a small thing, so silly and so small and so easily prevented. Rascal would never have broken position. She knew it wasn't fair to judge herself by a fully trained slut's standards but that is what she aspired to, what she would eventually be. Time was no excuse.

Kenneth resumed his position in front of the sobbing girl, surveying her body. Only three pegs remained. One upon her inner thigh and two still clinging tenaciously to her pussy. She was definitely a cute little thing. Adorable was the word that came to mind as he watched her naked body tremble in her bonds.

Robert had been assigned as her first, but it wouldn't be long before his cock would be inside that little cunt. She was among three of this year's batch that he had earmarked to be part of his cortege. He turned his thoughts to the immediate and the remaining hours of the session. First these three little buggers needed to be removed, then he would take a break before continuing with a thorough whipping before moving the schoolgirl on to the final three apparatus.

Kenneth smiled as Rascal's first blow struck Sarah's buttocks. He could tell from the sound that it had been applied with just the right amount of force for the gauge he had chosen. Rascal's education was coming along nicely. He had decided prior to the commencement of term that she would become his permanent assistant but he was still gratified to see that the skills he had cultivated over the last few months had been sown in such fertile ground. As Rascal continued with her task, the cane impacting so precisely, in time and on target, he set to his own work.

Sarah grunted softly each time the thick cane struck the well-marked curves of her bottom. The blows were not as hard as those she received at morning correction, nor was the cane so thin or the sting so intense, but it was still more than she could bear. If she had not been restrained so strictly she would have done anything to protect her body from the pain that assaulted her from two fronts. Her breath was pushed through clenched teeth at each blow from the cane.

The stricken schoolgirl's grunts turned to screams as the thin tails of the whip lashed the soft skin of her thigh. She twisted in her bondage as the pain filled her. She achieved little more than turning her shoulders, the high boots preventing her body from moving more than a few degrees.

The whip sliced her with agonising irregularity, a direct counterpoint to the metronomic blows from the cane wielded by the houseslut for whom she held such an affinity. Sarah couldn't blame Rascal, she was only obeying orders, but she couldn't quite absolve her entirely. Her brain wanted to scream at her to stop, to snarl at her betrayal, but her heart knew she was doing the right thing. A slut obeyed, that was all that was important.

Sarah lost count of the amount of strikes it took for those final pegs to be successfully removed. She willed, with every fibre of her being, for the tiny wooden clamps to be dislodged but blow after blow fell upon her thighs and pussy before finally she felt the sharp sting that told her they no longer pinched the soft lips of her pussy.

Kenneth stepped back to survey the newly red flesh between the schoolgirl's thighs. Rascal continued to bring the cane to bear against Sarah's quivering buttocks having received no command to cease. Sarah was a mess, her cheeks shining from the tears that had refused to stop. The lower half of her face was covered in sticky trails of mucus and saliva, much of which had slowly collected only to fall from her jaw onto her upthrust chest.

Sarah looked to the front, her blurry vision set upon the gentleman that she wanted so desperately to please. The cane struck her buttocks once more and it was all she could do not to turn around and scream at Rascal to stop. She was trying so hard to be good, but the maddening regularity of the blows was impossible to accept. The sight of the gentleman was the only thing holding her in check.

Kenneth watched Sarah tense each time Rascal send the thick wooden rod against the schoolgirl's unprotected behind. He knew what she was thinking, he could see it in the set of her jaw and the tightness of her shoulders. Given half a chance he knew she would break position and turn on Rascal. He laughed quietly to himself as the cane flew again.

"Time for a break. Set a dildo for that cunt and then fetch my lunch."
"Yes, Sir," Rascal said, sending the cane against Sarah's buttocks one last time.

Fresh tears of relief fell upon Sarah's already wet cheeks at Kenneth's words. She had expected Rascal to stop immediately and had not been prepared for the final stroke. The high-pitched squeal of pain embarrassed her and she tried to stand a little straighter to compensate. She couldn't control her heaving shoulders, or her trembling legs and she knew she did not present a very attractive sight.

She heard a scraping upon the floor behind her and sighed at the realisation that Rascal was now otherwise occupied. It was time for a break and Sarah knew it had come not a moment too soon. She was spent, every part of her body radiated pain so much so that she couldn't focus on any specific hurt.

"Sarah, squat down now. Slowly," Kenneth added when Sarah had almost thrown herself to the floor. She stopped her descent, her tired thighs taking the strain that was needed to lower her bottom slowly towards the floor. She could sense Rascal behind her and knew that her pussy would soon be filled but she couldn't know anything else.

She jumped when her vulva bumped against the tip of the dildo but she recovered quickly and continued to lower herself slowly. She moaned softly as the smooth shaft slid inside her, filling her pussy until she was almost to the floor. Her thighs rested against her calves and she could feel the heavy buckles pressing into the recently abused skin.

The dildo wasn't too large and she responded immediately, her cunt tightening around it, welcoming it as only a slut could. It was not a particularly restful position but she would accept anything that was permitted her. She knew the break was more for the gentleman, anything which she received was simply due to his wish.

"Four, Rascal, then off with you."
"Yes, Sir."

Sarah's curiosity at what the four entailed was quickly sated. She gasped sharply when she felt the dildo inside her expand. She heard the soft whoosh of air beneath her and moaned at the accompanied increase in size of the rubber shaft that filled her vagina.

Rascal pumped the small bulb attached to the dildo four times, as she had been instructed, and then hurried from the room to fulfill her errand. Sarah was moaning, breath coming in ragged gasps as she struggled to deal with the inflation of the dildo. Her pussy was stretched, full beyond capacity and nothing she could do would alleviate the sensation in any way.

The muscles of her vagina spasmed around the ballooned shaft, trying as best it could to reduce its size and decrease some of the intense pressure upon the delicate walls of her sex. A slut yearned to have her holes filled, but this was not providing her any comfort. The warm glow of contentment that she should feel was absent. Her pussy was not used to this and she could never relax while her vagina was stretched in such a way.

"Quiet," Kenneth barked. Sarah obeyed instantly. She bit her lip to stay quiet, ashamed of the noise she had been making. The soft plaintive moans had issued in time with the tightening muscles of her pussy and she should have known better than to be such a nuisance.

Sarah was left in silence until Rascal returned. She knew the gentleman was still in the room, she could hear the soft rustle of paper and wondered what he was doing. She knew her thoughts were more than a little odd. Despite the pain and discomfort, her thoughts had still turned to her superior, her irrepressible curiosity a welcome distraction.

Rascal returned sooner than Sarah had expected, walking swiftly and with purpose across the room. She couldn’t see what lay on the small tray that held the gentleman’s lunch, but she could smell the unmistakable aroma of bacon. Her belly rumbled at the scent and Sarah realised how famished she was.

As if on cue, in response to the grumbling of her stomach, Sarah’s vagina clamped down hard around the inflated dildo. The quiet moan escaped her before she knew it was coming and her entire body tensed, waiting anxiously for her outburst to be corrected. Only when she heard the gentleman begin to eat did Sarah relax, her body slumping into the uncomfortable posture. Her relief was shortlived, her chest and shoulders tightening again when her pussy tried its hardest to expel the swollen dildo.

The exhausted schoolgirl jumped, startled by a soft touch upon her head. She immediately relaxed when she knew no further pain would be inflicted. Rascal untied her hair and gently regathered the dishevelled ponytail. She tied it tightly but with a delicacy that washed away any ill-feeling Sarah had begun to harbour.

Rascal slipped in front of the squatting schoolgirl and with a finger hooked tenderly under her chin, prompted the trembling teenager to rise. Sarah failed to stifle the muted moan. The change in position caused a spike of pain to shoot through her stretched vagina and she very slowly came to full attention, her breathing once more rapid and ragged.

Rascal left her panting, returning quickly with a small cloth. She spread the white square of linen to Sarah’s face and proceeded to clean the mess of drool and mucus that had begun to congeal on her pretty face. Sarah almost melted as the warm cloth slid across her face, the delicious sensation of being clean almost enough to make her forget about the hurts that throbbed through her body.

Her face clean, Rascal moved to the rest of Sarah’s body. The rough cloth felt amazing on her skin and the welcome warmth eased the tension from her tired muscles. Sarah knew it was just a warm cloth but it seemed to contain something special, a magic that left her feeling refreshed and alert. She gasped in pain when Rascal bumped the dildo that distended her pussy, but even that was not enough to break the blissful contentment that had descended upon her.

When Rascal stepped away, leaving Sarah’s body to cool, a strange melancholy settled upon the tired schoolgirl. She had wanted that intimacy to last forever. Even though she was held by the tight ballet boots, her toes pinched and aching, she had wanted nothing more than for the slut’s gentle attention to continue. She knew it was wrong, she knew she was here to be punished, but she couldn’t banish the selfish thoughts.

A small smile flickered upon Sarah’s lips when Rascal returned. She couldn’t explain the feelings she felt for this girl, who was so much more experienced but not so much older. A sudden longing to be Rascal’s friend swept through her and she vowed that she would never think badly of her again. The emotion surged deeper when she saw what the older slut had brought.

Without a word a small spoon was lifted to Sarah’s mouth, the shallow metal scoop filled with a thick white mass. She opened obediently, her eyes widening when she realised it was indeed yoghurt. She could taste the faint hint of strawberry and her face lit up at the delicious surprise. She had expected something disgusting and it was yet another lesson in not to assume.

Rascal waited patiently for Sarah to swallow before feeding her another spoonful of the delicious yoghurt. She smiled at the schoolgirl’s surprise and her subsequent eagerness to devour every last mouthful. She could tell it was Sarah’s first taste of the supplement and she was lucky it was Master Stewart’s. She knew the reaction would have been very different if it had been prepared by Master Isaac.

Sarah saw Rascal’s smile and felt her face flush with a familiar heat. Why was she blushing now? Her mouth opened to accept another spoonful but she looked away, not able to look Rascal in the eyes. She was embarrassed by the colour that blossomed in her cheeks and almost laughed at the absurdity of her emotions. She was naked and bound, halfway through a session of punishment for which she was deeply ashamed, and she was becoming flustered by a simple smile.

Rascal scooped the spoon into the small tub for the last time, scraping the sides to leave it as empty as she could. She fed Sarah the final spoonful and then used the side of the spoon to gently scrape away a little dollop that had clung to the schoolgirl’s upper lip. Sarah could feel her blush deepen, the heat now flowing down into her chest.

Rascal stepped behind her to check her bonds, pulling at the cords that bound her elbows and wrists. She gripped the bulb that hung from the bottom of the dildo that filled Sarah’s pussy. She tested the device’s placement with a single firm tug, satisfied when it refused to move.

Sarah grunted in pain but she knew Rascal was just doing her job. Her heart skipped a beat when she felt Rascal’s hand slip into hers. A gentle squeeze and then it was gone, leaving Sarah to imagine whether she had felt it at all.

She knew she had. It had been real, that single, fleeting moment of solidarity. Sarah’s heart pounded in her chest, her pulse racing as she accepted what the tiny gesture had meant. Her mind whirled at the possibilities. She straightened her body, ignoring the sudden sting of agony in her pussy. She stood at attention, her gaze focused intently upon her slut point and waited for the session to continue.

She knew she was only halfway done. She knew that the next five hours would be the worst of her life, the agony she would feel, deeper and more powerful than any she had experienced. But she knew now that she could accept the punishment she deserved. She would accept it. She would be a better slut because of it. One day she would be a slut like Rascal. One day, if she was good, if she listened and learned and worked hard and studied… One day.


  1. more please. been a long time.

  2. was a great story. what happened to it. would really like to see it thru to the end for Sarah.

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